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Born in the North-East of Italy, Julia starts to study piano at a young age. After completing High School, she moves to Milan to continue her education in singing. Meanwhile she starts performing as a singer and musician at different events such as weddings and venues. As a poliedric artist, she has gained lots of experience in the music field and had the opportunity to perform only piano and voice and with some bands. In 2015 she produces he first album “Making and Unmaking” and performs as pianist, singer and background singer in pubs of the north of Italy, like “Alcatraz”, “Hiroshima Mon Amour”, “Estragon Club” e “Carroponte”. With her own project as a songwriter she opens two concerts of the irish musician Mark Geary, who collaborated with the Oscar winner Glen Hansard. Since 2018 she works as singer and pianist for Swiss events and Hotels like “Swiss Diamond Hotel” and “Palazzo dei Congressi”of Lugano and moves to Germany to perform in the “Europa-Park” of Rust and in german Hotels like the “Hilton Hotel” of Dresden. Finally she recently produced her second album “Little Tales” which has been promoted by the local Rai Radio 1 of Friuli Venezia Giulia.
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