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Sara Guggiari


Pedagogical Coordinator

Sara Guggiari was born on 10.11.1977


In 1995 She graduated as a social worker and continued her studies obtaining 1999, the European maturity as a Community Manager


After maturity she is hired as a departmental educator in a private facility for pre-school children. In addition to its use it continues to perform artistic and musical activities with children and young people (animator for elementary schools in art and music - musical collaboration in a music bar - artistic-musical after-school for children)


In 2008, with the Musicadhoc, he intensified the basic studies of the Piano accompanying the training projects, collaborating in active part (teaching, musical accompaniment to events) under the supervision of the Management


After 5 years, she receives the teaching qualification to children and adult beginners, adding to the standard methods, a personalized program on the student

MusicadhoC Sagl & Don Payett Sagl
MusicadhoC Sagl & Don Payett Sagl
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