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She was Born in Falesti in Moldova on June 12, 1981. She began her musical career only six years old when she began attending the school of Musical of Falesti where she will approach the classical violin along with all the disciplines related to it (harmony, theory, solfeggio, choir, orchestra, quartet and piano)


She graduated with full marks. Later she studied the violin at the Balti Pedagogical Music College (MOLDAVIA)


In 2000 she obtained the diploma of violin teacher and instrumental artist, once again, with full marks She began her adventure in the world of music by participating in numerous competitions, festivals and artistic events, among the most important we mention the "Martisor Festival" FESTIVAL DI MARTISOR "(popular festival celebrated in Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Macedonia and Greece), "Mihai Eminescu" Competition, "Crizantema de Argint de Romanze" Collaborates with many young artists including the "Flueiras" and "Izvoras", widening the horizons in Romania, Ukraine and Moldova From 2000 to 2003 she devoted herself to teaching violin at the Falesti music school


Arrives in Italy in 2003 continues her artistic career collaborating with Italian artists, including the talented guitarist Andrea Castelfranato, maintaining the activity of violin teacher In 2009


She moved to Lugano In 2012 she had a wonderful experience in a band performing for the president of Kazakhstan, in the capital Astana


She then began to teach at the Giuseppe Verdi musical school in Luino (Va)


MusicadhoC Sagl & Don Payett Sagl
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