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Piano - Guitar - Accordion - Keyboards - Drums - Bass - Harp - Classic and modern singing - Saxophone - Trumpet - Violin - Cello - Double Bass - Solfeggio - Improvistation - Composition 

Our personalized programs respond to the different needs of every student, beginner or advanced, of any age, who wants to get closer to art and / or classical and modern music Home lessons

Lesson at Home


Our training allows you to get hold of a practical-theoretical baggage sufficient to perform a basic or higher level independent musical activity. We also give the possibility to access the pre-professional training with exams at the SSPM. MusicadhoC Sagl employs one of the most qualified and active teachers in the national and international music scene



Thanks to a structured teaching that includes methodology, theory,teaching, technique and repertoire, our lessons are aimed at everyone who wants to approach music, dance and art in general


Our customized programs respond to different needs: beginner, advanced, people who want to get closer to art and / or classical or modern music. The results of learning and study give the possibility to the student to present himself in public during an artistic / musical show organized regularly by MusicadhoC Sag

4-Edizioni musicali- Musical editions

We produce, publish and distribute your music all over the world

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