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Don Payett publishing is the music publishing section of our group.


Founded in 1985 under the name "Saxofon" and the precious collaboration with the old friend "Tino", he followed the various stages of transformation, reaching 2005 with the name "Don Payett music production".  

It boasts a fantastic catalog with internationally renowned artists such as Laura Pausini, Benny, Hunka Munka, Renzo dei delfini, Costa and many others performing all over the world.  


The recording studio is among the most sophisticated on the market. It enjoys high technology and professionalism at all levels, and includes a mobile studio for live recordings.  


The structure for the duplication and finishing of the CDs makes an optimal service able to satisfy even a run of a few units. We publish your music all over the world and sell on the most famous Digital Stores, such as: "iTunes", "Spotify", "Amazzon"

Musical Editions

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